NORDCOOP Sp. z o.o. was established in 1993. Its activity began with the completion of orders for the construction of steel structures for shipbuilding industry and other clients. The manufacturing of finished steel products and steel prefabrications took place in our own mechanical and welding plant located in Gdansk-Kokoszki as well as in cooperation with permanent subcontractors in the country. With each passing year, the number of completed orders increased and the existing production capacity became insufficient.


At the end of the 90's NORDCOOP Sp. z o.o. bought land and production halls with cranes in Gdynia at ul. Hutnicza, in order to be able to manufacture various and large-size steel constructions. This, in combination with the already existing mechanical-welding plant, improved the company's potential to execute constructions with a complex technological process. At present, NORDCOOP’s potential makes up to 200-250 tons of steel structures per month and all the works can be performed under the supervision of Lloyd's Register or DNV GL.


The year 2002 brought new challenges for the company and the planned diversification of the activity, which involved the building of apartments as an investor and developer on the purchased land in Gdynia-Dąbrowa.


In 2003, in connection with the consolidation of the company, the mechanical and welding plant was relocated from Gdańsk-Kokoszki to the Steel Structures Plant at ul. Hutnicza 40, and at the end of the same year the headquarters of the company were transferred from Gdańsk to Gdynia.


Nordcoop becomes part of the Wandtke group. This gives the company a new perspective on development. By working closely with the Wandtke Group and Estimet, the company's production potential has grown considerably. The ability to cooperate with companies specialized in the manufacturing of light steel components and detailing (Wandtke Group) as well as sheet metal machining services (Estimet) makes Nordccop a more competitive company in terms of price and quality of manufactured steel structures. Nordcoop is invariably also experienced and qualified staff ready to handle the most demanding jobs. Their many years of experience equals hundreds of completed projects for different companies in many industries.