Nordcoop is part of the Wandtke group, a regional pioneer in the field of sheet metal machining service and the manufacturing and welding of steel constructions.

The Wandtke group consists of NORDCOOP, ESTIMET - a company that handles the cutting, bending and rolling metal sheets and Wandtke Sp z o.o. - manufacturing parts and components of steel, light steel structures, machinery, equipment and finished construction products on the basis of steel solutions.

The long-term experience of the Wandtke Group guarantees the highest level of service.

. The comprehensive specialization of the companies in the group allows us to offer complex services in the field of steel and metal processing as well as the manufacturing of components and structures to our clients. Thanks to the wide range of specialization of all the companies in the group, it has become one of the leading domestic manufacturers of steel products. The Group's balanced development allows all its affiliates to enter the international market with momentum and a certain capital of reputation and experience.